Meet the Crew That Fixes Your Vehicles Bikes!

When 3 former Navy mechanics gathered together 10 years ago they decided, that their love for cars can land them a new field of work! Since then the WheelMasters fixed, checked and repaired thousands of new and retro cars… During that long period we expanded our team from just 3 mechanics to a full staff of 20+ people. Also we now have a strong base of loyal, returning customers whom we always show our appreciation to with extra bonuses and future services discounts!

We’ve always been dedicated to accomplishing 3 critical milestones in each servicing we do, such as:



Washing Your Car by Hand

Basically that’s a fact well-known for any car owner, that spending some quality time together with your car, while washing it by hand can really be a relaxing and satisfying pastime! This is also so true for anyone with a big family and lots of kids, meaning that there will…

Car Care: Winter Maintenance Check

While enjoying a winterish snowing season is fun for some, many drivers fear that season’s treacherous driving conditions. Being car care aware will allow you to ensure that your vehicle is prepared for any harsh winter weather that it might get into while on the road, says auto expert Clara…

Seasons: Fall Car Care

These fall car care tips are pretty much straightforward! And with the September kicking in, we’re sincerely more than glad to have a chance of educating drivers about the importance of a regular vehicle maintenance during the fall. Also, these tips will make it easier for anyone to embrace the…

Accidents Towing

Should your car ever get involved in an unfortunate accident and be stuck, we’ll always

Car Key Repair

Having your keys getting broken is always a hardly expected and a stressful situation. It

Standard Body Wash

Just as it goes by default in the industry, our classic standard body washing includes

Car Repair Services

There are very few things worse than getting into an accident and damaging either the